ProsperM® Triple support for male fertility

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ProsperM® – innovative product
improves male fertility

ProsperM® ProsperM® is designed for men who want to increase fertility, improve semen quality, and maintain reproductive function. Thanks to the combination of three effective ingredients, including amur cork extract, known in Chinese medicine for thousands of years, the effects can be seen in just 6 weeks. This preparation also helps with infertility in men.

Scientific basis
ProsperM® is a combination of 4,000 years of Chinese medicine, hundreds of years of European herbal medicine and modern science.
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Innovative composition of three components with different mechanisms of action – amur cork extract, rosehip extract and glutathione extract.
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Patient stories
Decreased fertility is a disease with which an increasing number of men in Poland and worldwide struggle. Often, unfortunately, it is not possible to find the cause. ProsperM® was created to help men fight this problem quickly and effectively.
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ProsperM® is the first product that improves semen quality and gives you the chance to make your dream of a bigger family come true.
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ProsperM® is a combination of 4,000 years of Chinese medicine, hundreds of years of European herbal medicine and modern science.

In everyday medical practice I deal with men who want to become fathers, but for unknown reasons the quality of their sperm is poor.

Looking for an effective treatment I found that both my experience and the world literature indicate that the most effective way to improve the effects of spermatogenesis is to combine anti-estrogenic substances and antioxidants with a cardiovascular enhancing substance.

The use of several thousand years of traditional Chinese medicine and the latest research in the Western world proved to be a great achievement.

Piotr Dobroński, MD, PH.D.
Creator of the dietary supplement ProsperM®
Amur cork
amur cork extract
It reduces the number of estrogens, which stimulates the pituitary gland to produce gonadotropins and stimulates testicular activity.
Improves the mobility and percentage of normal sperm in the process of their formation in testicles.
Common hawthorn
extract of fruit and hawthorn leaves
Herbal ingredient used for years to improve blood circulation.
Meet the creator of this preparation

Piotr Dobroński, MD, PH.D.

FEBU urologist specialist (Fellow of European Board of Urology), dealing with andrology including surgical and conservative treatment of male infertility.

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extract of amur cork, rosehip extract, glutathione

Reach out to make your dreams come true

When should I take ProsperM®?

  • You are trying to have a baby and the quality of your sperm is not perfect.
  • You want to increase your chances of having a good conception.
  • Male infertility is already treated causally but needs support.

ProsperM® is a dietary supplement that gives you the chance to make your efforts successful.

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The choice of each of the three ingredients in ProsperM® has been supported by scientific literature.
Why this composition is ideal as a remedy for improving semen quality?


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